Let all your pain wash away like the power of the sacred stones, as thou are the beauty in power.
Don’t vanish as it’s not the end
Don’t crib as it’s not the beginning
As you’re the universe in motion.
Let no one cease your happiness
Let no one carry your burden, even if they are staggering you.
You are irresistible with all your mighty soul that enchants the heart of nascent seeds.
You bestow courage and realism for the meeking minds of the absurds.
You are the light that people have around but hapless they waggle without a path.
Don’t be disappointed, my boy!
As they are muddled with their bearings and want to escape in their own way.
They are worthy fools, they don’t want to take help and deal with misery and pain in the most impermissible way.
But let me tell you, allow them.
They have a goal, they might not receive help.
Remember, they have high regards for you.
Don’t be heartbroken, my love!
They are always there, waiting for you.
Waiting to receive your love and kindness as they have fallen for the spirit that one carries.
You are acknowledged.
Your presence, is the perception that they find it pleasurable.
That they want to hold it in their bosom and never let go.
You are the best, they would call it.
You are the admiration that they always cherished.
As you’re the beauty that exists.
And every existence is indefinite virtue.

Do you know

Your comfort
Your warmth
So enticing,
Like the bee and pollen
The efforts of an intruder
Are so in Vain
Be it your inhibition or the accompanying one
Are nullifying.
Intense and captivating
The heavenly threads
Are so unbearably entwined
To the fool, it is partake
To the mediocre, it is arranged
To the wise, it’s a desire
Your falsifiable in an relevant context
Yet admiring
Your actions are innate
Your facade is wearable
Your intricacy is raw.
A plethora of deeds you carry to the unknown
Your patience for the unknown
Your endurance for the uncertain
Your perceptions are pledged
Your mistakes are forgiven
For they have the kindness
That gratify the choas
Intruding the calmness
But people take it effortlessly,
Pity enduring lumps.
You are versatile,
You are indeed
Don’t see yourself weak
Don’t question your ability
You are, what you are,
To be!
Be yourself
Don’t change with seasons
As not every seasons mark its essence
Be the way you want,
Seek the way you want,
Let your time and space encompass you
If not the Other, so crucifying
Don’t change and engage in unwanted
As not all requirements are needed
Be it,
Choose it,
Your are beautiful
Not in measures but in endearing elegance.

Am I begging? No I am not

I am sorry I couldn’t control you

Am sorry I couldn’t handle you

Am sorry I was there

I was there to help you come out of your insanity

I was there to take your pain as if it was my own

I was there to care for you, as if I didn’t exist

I was there to love you as if my love for you was more than my own self

I was there

I was there in your presence when you needed me

I was there when you didn’t want me

I was there all alone, waiting for you

I was there fighting my strength, my pain and morals for you

I was there, for all that places you went in your quest for love

I was there, when you saw me with only one reason

I was there when you were hostile to me

I was there when you were suspicious of me

I was there when your family wanted me

I was there to sort out and flip the cards

I was in that game of pain

I was at loss many a times

Poor me, I didn’t know what I was fighting for, to fulfill what?

At the sake of my own trial of sanity

I could not leave you all alone in your quest

It was miserable, to see you run for a man

Are you happy with that man?

Are you satisfied?

Do we belong now?

Or is there any conflicts that is still persisting ?

Why don’t you talk?

Why don’t you express how have I affected you?

Don’t leave me with uncertainty

Let’s talk and fight

Do you need time, take it

But don’t leave me with questions to ponder, let us clear the muddy water

Because I am willing to be there for you

Maybe not like before, I will be beside you when you need me

I will always be there

Don’t lose yourself, its painful

Let us dig things together

As there always is….

Reckoning apprehension

Looking for a change

Uncertain and desperate

Anxious and despair of my next destination

I am moving, like lost path

Threading my mind with willful thoughts and uncertain  deeds

To motivate the self

Like Wiglaf, I am training my heart to accept and forgo the past

As absolutism strives its passion

I want to give a try

What beholds later is not consensual to the heart

But this disorderness, I want to escape

Escape and see what beholds,

Thriving change

Fluctuating like the ocean tides, mindless breeze

Floating like the dead frog

Leap of faith

I resign.

Nonetheless how much satisfaction, pleasure, and pride it gives

I want to change and move on to another space

Fear of being ridiculed, that one is inept

One is not a warrior

One is weak

But ones mind is not for mediocrity

Though mediocrity is largely an acceptable normalcy

Its the lives of people

Within lives is the supreme apprehensions

When reasons become supreme, that reason cannot be exploited as it stands firm for its purpose

Reasoning it is!

Not just a distraction but a compliance

Let that compliance be the choice

A choice to forgo

An option to nullify the negative existential essence and reinforce the new perception

So I have decided

To change my essence of my existence

To precede yesterday

Lies of uncertainty

I walk….


I am going through a second phrase of nihilistic crisis

This nothingness is boring

I am tired

I feel like I am moving from place to place and from people to people

I am bored of this game called politics

I see it so vividly, every emotion and manipulation

Oh my! Those eyes, there is anxiety

There is overwhelming insecurity

Inside which one is carrying abundance of normal pathology

It is exploited

Poor champ!

Your actions maybe invisible to the fools eye

But I see you,

So naked and raw,

Those manipulation, lying, threatening and persuasion

Its painful,

I cry not because I am the victim of these bearings

I pity humanity!

Yes, its difficult

So I cry, not that I hate you or dislike you for your pathological actions

But I could see it, so naked

I am so aware and conscious

I sometimes wonder and compare myself to other beings, as why am I not a fool?

So I could easily move without being hurt

It hurts me,

That I am not able to move on like other fools

I guess fools are great

They are so diminished from perceiving a conceptual reality

Why can’t I do that?

Why can’t I just move forward?

Why can’t I become a fool?

Why am I wise?

Why do I carry wisdom?

Why am I intuitive?

Why do I understand and feel everything?

Too many stimulus, too many interpretations,

And, too many ways of living

Its confusing

But in this nihilistic world, I guess everything is acceptable

But absurdity exists!

It is cynical and sceptical!

Normal pathology is growing day by day

Human beings are not aware

Human thought process are insulated

The schema is becoming bigger and stronger

Psychotherapy will take more time than aware

Humans are becoming mentally ill and nobody is aware of the mass illness

Because they call it, The New Normal

Why are we rationalizing?

How much more foolish can we be!

We are deluded,

We are happy to be in Maya

We are all thinking to bend reality, to come out of maya,

To achieve Nirvana!

Fools we are! Fools!

Our thoughts are insulated and the networks are stronger

Lo! Stop surfing

Don’t become an intelligent goose,

By succumbing to every information out there

Remember everything is the same thing and there is only one thing,

And that one thing exists in various forms

Do meditation,

You will reach the akashic fields one day.

There is artificial intelligence, that is where everybody is running to,

To amplify ones mind and body thereby seeking it

Lo! Don’t run or else it will catch you sooner

If it does, your no more there

You become a memory!

So beware,

Humans are pity and evil, but they are good ones out there

They are filled with abundance of love, calm and kindness

They are silent, they talk less, and carry less pathology

There are some nice people,

I hope you come across some nice people

And, remember to live the way you want but not at the cost of your life or others

Again the same words! Same story!


That moment

There I was sitting casually away from the crowd so people wouldn’t notice my presence

My face was concealed with mask and glasses

I was glad, I was tired from the work

I found that little solace from sitting on the plastic garden chairs

He saw me

He couldn’t resist me I guess, he came and sat next to me by dragging a chair

We were acquainted

He started playfully talking to me, expressing his past memories and relationship with his family

I was listening

Looking in his eyes in the most calming and feeling his emotions

By placing my right hand on my chin towards right side of my cheek

I was eager and curious to know him

There was noise in the playground

I couldn’t hear him, I told him to speak louder

He moved his chair and came closer to me

I flirted with him by saying social distancing

He came little more closer

So closer to my face

I could hear him, feel him and see him

The aura that he carried vibrated everywhere around me, I could feel the engulfing aura

I moved back a little

We were in the public, I wanted to avoid the onlookers

As people have always been curious about who meets and conversations

He came little closer and when I told him, he is too close and we need to have social distancing

He pulled my chair closer to him with that slight little push by grabbing the foot of my chair

I was drawn closer to his face and suddenly stood up right before it stopped

Like a feather

I moved on, I wanted that moment to lapse long like my lingering feeling

There was a thud in my heart

I fell for him right in that moment

Like the touch of something beautiful